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Apex Legends Mobile kicks off with an exclusive new hero

Apex Legends Mobile is a completely separate game, its designers say. That does not mean it’s a completely different game. Respawn Entertainment hopes players will find enough familiarity in the action on smaller Android and iOS screens, but Apex Legends Mobile will not share the progression, seasons, inventory, or anything else with the flagship console version. The studio already announced, […]

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Genshin Impact creators reveal new game, Zenless Zone Zero

Hoyoverse, the company behind Genshin Impact and the Honkai series, has a new action RPG on the way. The game is called Zenless Zone Zero, and it’s an urban-setting fantasy with plenty of colorful characters. Hoyoverse announced the game on Friday with its first trailer. Zenless Zone Zero doesn’t have a release date yet, but Hoyoverse is letting players sign […]

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NY Times alters Monday’s Wordle answer due to ‘major recent news event’

The New York Times has altered the solution to Monday’s Wordle puzzle, citing close connections to “a major recent news event.” The Times posted about the change on its games section, explaining why some Wordle players may have a different solution than their friends, family, or colleagues. The Times called today’s pulled solution word “entirely unintentional and a coincidence — […]

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Cookie Run: Kingdom swaps out your cookie favs for hotties

A new April Fools’ Day update shakes up Cookie Run: Kingdom by turning its cookie characters into new (and sometimes hot) humanoid versions. The new “Shroomie Shenanigans” update is available now in the free-to-play town-building game on mobile devices. Shroomie Shenanigans will be live until April 14, said developer Devsisters. The event stars Poison Mushroom Cookie, who will award you […]

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Genshin Impact stream shows off its latest pretty boy, Ayato

Genshin Impact’s upcoming 2.6 update, “Zephyr of the Violet Garden,” will bring the boba-loving head of the Kamisato clan, Kamisato Ayato to the game alongside loads of additional content: an entirely new area to the region of Liyue called The Chasm, a new Archon Quest that will share more of the story of the Traveler Twins and Khaenri’a, and a […]

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Niantic pulls Pokémon Go, Pikmin Bloom from Russia and Belarus

Pokémon Go developer Niantic is pulling its games out of Russia, the company announced late Thursday. Pokémon Go, Pikmin Bloom, and Ingress will no longer appear for download in Russia and Belarus, and players in those countries will not be able to access the game. Niantic cited support for Ukraine amid Russia’s invasion of the country. “We stand with the […]

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