First Look At PlayStation 5's Fast-Loading Ability in Action

Sony continues to slowly provide gamers with morsels of info on its next-gen PlayStation. We’ve now got the first comparison video showcasing the system’s vastly reduced loading times. It was barely over a month ago that the Japanese company broke the silence with the first details of the upcoming PlayStation. At a recent meeting in Japan, Sony was once again […]

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Report: Sony Employees Were In The Dark About Microsoft Partnership

A few days ago, Sony and Microsoft broke bread over an announced partnership to pioneer new streaming technologies in the future using Microsoft’s vast server bank and engineering initiatives. This collaboration is intended to be used to bolster both companies’ game streaming technology in the future, which obviously is a major dream for two long-time rivals. It was apparently so […]

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Minecraft Reaches Massive New Sales Milestone

Minecraft is one of the most popular and commercially successful games in history. Microsoft has now shared a new sales update for the entire franchise–and it’s huge. Minecraft creative director Saxs Persson said in a blog post that the franchise–which debuted on PC 10 years ago in 2009–has now crossed 176 million copies sold. This counts copies sold across all […]

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