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Is It Better To Workout In Leggings Or Shorts?

What is more embarrassing than pants that hike up your butt? Or pants that reveal your butt crack when you try to do a square or climber? Also, bottom wear that feels uncomfortable while you work out is a complete disaster. The most embarrassing situation is when your pants tear apart when you perform squats. For some people, looking good […]

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Amazon Wants Make Sure You Really Meant To Pre-Order Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children 4K

Amazon is sending some of its customers emails which question whether their decision to buy the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie was actually for real. The company just wants to make extra sure that you didn’t actually intend to buy the Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade video game instead. We’re not sure what’s a funnier thought. Either, the fact that this […]

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Kynseed: Location Of All Basic Tools

Like most farming games, you need some basic tools to make country life easier in Kynseed, PixelCount Studios’ sandbox title. Buckets, pickaxes, fishing rods, you name it. Instead of crafting or buying most of these, Kynseed drops them right at your front door. Or somewhere near your front door. You just have to find them. In Kynseed, getting your first […]

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How To Install And Start Beyond Skyrim Bruma

It’s been nearly a decade since Skyrim was first released. In that time, a passionate modding community has developed hundreds of thousands of mods for this game, ranging from silly character replacements to DLC-sized quest mods. Beyond Skyrim: Bruma firmly sits in the latter category. Set in the northern part of Cyrodiil, players get to explore the Ayleid ruins and iconic […]

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Skyrim: The 10 Best War Axes

Of the many different weapons are found in Skyrim, the one-handed axe is among the most common and underrated. However, passing them up for the sword (or bow, looking at you stealth archery aficionados) is a mistake. War axes are fun to use, they look great, and there’s no shortage of unique and powerful variants to be found across the breadth […]

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Final Fantasy 10: All Jecht Sphere Locations

While playing Final Fantasy 10, you can discover various memory spheres left behind by Jecht, Auron, and Summoner Braska, offering little memory clips of their own pilgrimage. There are ten spheres to collect in total, eight left by Jecht, one by Auron, and one by Braska. Collecting all of the spheres will earn you the “Messenger from the Past” achievement/trophy. Additionally, […]

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