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Youtube Simulator Z Codes For November 2022 – Roblox

Welcome to Youtube Simulator Z! This Roblox game is all about living the life of a professional YouTuber – navigate your way through the world of laptops, webcams, and editing software to become the best Youtuber on the server. We check for new Youtuber Simulator Z codes every day – the game is still relatively new which means new codes […]

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Aliens Have Invaded Elite Dangerous

For years now the enigmatic Thargoids—a race of mysterious, unknowable aliens—have been terrorising Elite's replica of the Milky Way. These creepy, inquisitive extraterrestrials, whose existence can be traced all the way back to 1984's original Elite, seem to have some interest in humanity—and not a healthy one. I met them myself while trading in the depths of space. They pulled […]

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Pokemon Players Don’t Know How To Raid

I didn’t want to write this article. Honestly, I didn’t. But you’ve forced my hand. Yes, you. What were you doing in that Raid? Torkoal? Are you serious? You’re the reason we lost. And now I have to log into my silly little job and sit in my silly little gamer chair and write a silly little article about you. […]

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DPVR E4 Is A $550 Lightweight Wired SteamVR Headset

DPVR E4 is a new wired SteamVR headset with the same resolution as Quest 2 but wider field of view. DPVR is a Shanghai-based company that has been selling VR headsets in China since 2015. Its current E3 PC VR headset lacks positional tracking or input out of the box, but supports the Nolo aftermarket tracking system and controllers. It […]

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8 Best JRPGs With Life Sim Elements

JRPGs are Japanese role-playing games; these are differentiated from RPGs though, as they have a unique feel, often involving a party system, turn-based combat, and several class options. Additionally, JRPGs can be very linear, as opposed to western RPGs like Skyrim. Within JRPGs, you can find elements from other genres, such as life sims. As the name implies, life sims […]

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: 10 Best Ice-Types

Ice has had a tumultuous path to success over the course of Pokemon's history. What once started as a rare type hampered by low availability and some questionable stat spreads and type pairings is now a genuine threat, with a large roster of great Pokemon. If you're a fan of the coolest Pokemon around, you're in luck – Pokemon Scarlet […]

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