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It’s Fright Season as Oculus Begins Halloween Sale

What’s great about the Halloween season isn’t all the chocolates with green fillings, of the chance to dress up in ghoulish clothing – there are enough cosplay events for that. No, it’s all about the scary videogames that are either released or discounted to give yourself a few fights. This year is no different with Oculus getting things going with […]

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Steam’s new Remote Play Together Feature Moves Local Co-op Online

Local co-op multiplayer titles like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes or Nemesis Realms are great fun when you’ve got a few mates over for the evening but are completely redundant otherwise. Yes, there are plenty of other videogames you could play instead but sometimes only a particular one will suffice, made even more difficult when it’s local only. Today, Steam has come up with […]

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Outer Wilds PS4 review – adventures in time and space

One of the year’s best indie games comes to PlayStation 4, with an imaginative mix of Groundhog Day and a sci-fi Majora’s Mask. Despite having played the game twice now we will never stop confusing Outer Wilds with The Outer Worlds, even as we currently work on a review of the latter. They have absolutely nothing in common, but the […]

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