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Hypnospace Outlaw Review – Keeping The Information Superhighway Safe, One Weird Case At A Time A Time

Going online can be an aggravating experience. The internet may have been built around utopian ideals like community and disseminating information, but trolls, scammers, and other digital ne’er-do-wells have made it tempting for society to just pull the plug and be done with it. But all is not lost. In Hypnospace Outlaw, you’re a moderator who keeps cyberspace (circa 1999) […]

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PS Plus April UPDATE: New PS4 PlayStation deals and game news

April’s new list of free PS Plus games have been released and can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store, alongside some interesting new discounts. These new PlayStation Plus deals were released by Sony earlier this week and are available to those with an active subscription. The official PlayStation Spring Sale started a few days ago and include discounts on games that don’t […]

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Rumor: Xbox Live Gold And Gamepass Will Be Sold As Monthly Bundle

Rumors have been swirling today from various well-connected sources saying that Microsoft is going to soon introduce a combined subscription for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass. This combination would bundle both of the Xbox’s fairly essential services into one subscription service. The rumor comes first from known leaker hoXod on Twitter, who pegged the combined bundle at $14.99. […]

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Game Developers Conference Talks Like God Of War, Spider-Man, And Devil May Cry 5 Now Available Online

The Game Developer’s Conference took place in San Francisco just a few weeks ago, bringing together the industry’s most revered, impressive, and upcoming talent to the Moscone Convention Center to give talks to other developers about their design processes and just plain tell stories about the trenches. Some of these developers are from big budget games like God of War […]

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Fortnite Adding Respawn Vans In Next Update

You can say a lot about Epic and Fortnite but you can’t say they’re slow to react. When there’s an advancement in the battle royale genre, Epic makes no bones about taking what works in those games and applying them to Fortnite. That probably explains the newest update to Fortnite, which adds Apex Legends’ (and some other battle royale games’) […]

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Xbox Live COUNTDOWN: Free Xbox One game bonus is almost here

Xbox One owners will get the chance to claim another free game bonus this week, courtesy of Activision. A new Call of Duty Black Ops 4 event is currently underway, allowing gamers to download and play one multiplayer mode. This would be Blackout, Treyarch’s take on the popular Battle Royale genre that has propelled games like Fortnite and Apex Legends […]

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