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What Happened To Colons In Video Game Titles: An Investigation

In recent years, something puzzling has happened. The colon, that useful piece of punctuation used to separate the title of a work from its subtitle, has all but disappeared from video game names. Here are just a few examples: Need for Speed Unbound, Sonic Frontiers, Assassin's Creed Origins, Odyssey, and Valhalla, Far Cry New Dawn, Dying Light 2 Stay Human, […]

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Dead Space: Schematics Location Guide

Quick Links Every Set Of Schematic Blueprints In Dead Space Remake Like most survival horror games, your inventory in Dead Space is far from limitless. As Isaac, players must scrounge the Ishimura's depths for the tools necessary to fight back against the Necromorph scourge. And while you can technically pull it all off with the bare minimum of instruments – […]

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Persona 4 Golden: How To Defeat Shadow Rise

Quick Links Shadow Rise's Stats And Attacks Shadow Rise Battle Strategy How To Deal With Panic What To Do When Shadow Rise Uses Supreme Insight Rise Kujikawa thought she’d go back to Inaba in Persona 4 Golden to take time away from the pressure of the spotlight but found herself embroiled in a whole new kind of trouble. Stuck into […]

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I Hope Elden Ring’s DLC Is Something None Of Us Have Guessed

Everyone and their mother, second cousin, and third-removed step-brother is trying to guess where we’re headed in Elden Ring’s potential DLC. It’s like we’re browsing through a Hotel Trivago listing. Maybe we can take a nice trip to the Cthulu-infested ocean where we see pirate ships crumbling amidst the waves from the shores of Caelid, or what about a little […]

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Naughty Dog Is Right To Leave Uncharted Behind

Naughty Dog is changing. It’s about time, but part of me will miss what the studio has become over the past fifteen years as a pioneer of cinematic blockbusters lined with prestige storytelling that the entire medium now tries to emulate. It changed everything. But now, it is both leaving Uncharted behind and has no plans for The Last of […]

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