What’s it like to start Warframe in 2019?

It’s been a rough few months for big budget games-as-a-service shooters. Titles like Anthem, which promised an expansive world of looter shooter combat, haven’t managed to stick the landing. Other titles, like Destiny 2, were able to shore up their weak launch with paid expansions. Meanwhile, in the background, one free-to-play title has been quietly humming along, reaching greater levels […]

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Saints Row: The Third on Switch is a disappointment

Saints Row: The Third was an unexpected gem in 2011, a comparably progressive and slapstick riff on the Grand Theft Auto formula. Last week, Koch Media released a port for the Nintendo Switch. The result is a disappointment, but that’s not entirely the port’s fault. The folks at Digital Foundry have done a fantastic job comparing this version to its […]

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Nintendo Direct Coming Tomorrow, Focuses On Super Mario Maker 2

A new Nintendo Direct presentation is airing this week, the company has announced. The broadcast is scheduled to take place tomorrow, May 15, and will focus entirely on one of this summer’s biggest Nintendo Switch games, Super Mario Maker 2. According to Nintendo of America’s official Twitter account, tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct will run for approximately 15 minutes and be “packed” […]

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