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Pokémon Unite is the baby mode MOBA for me

Pokémon Unite is so simple it doesn’t even need to hold your hand. This isn’t a dig — quite the opposite, actually. The new free-to-play MOBA from The Pokémon Company and Tencent Games distills the genre formula into an incredibly approachable package. The initial tutorial, which takes around two minutes to complete, is plenty to get a handle on the […]

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New Nintendo Switch model has the same ol’ Joy-Cons

Nintendo will release a new Nintendo Switch, officially called the Nintendo Switch (OLED model), on Oct. 8, the company announced Tuesday. The upgraded hardware will cost $50 more than the Nintendo Switch that originally launched in 2017, and will feature a larger, OLED touchscreen — but it’s still using the same ol’ Joy-Cons, Nintendo has confirmed to Polygon. Though the […]

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Mario Kart Live update brings new courses and items

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, the AR and toy take on Nintendo’s Mario Kart series, quietly got an update on Thursday. The new version brings an additional cup and new items for your racer, according to Nintendo’s support website. The update is free and adds the Mario Cup to the Grand Prix, which brings three new environments and gates to […]

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Mario Golf: Super Rush brings chaos to the greens

My Mii is exhausted. She’s panting and dragging herself through this course. Her stamina has completely run out. She’s playing golf. If that’s not enough, a rather rude Birdo just ran up and shoved her from behind. And the clock is still ticking on this hole in Mario Golf: Super Rush, the Nintendo Switch sports title that launched on Friday […]

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Pokémon Unite MOBA coming this summer

Pokémon Unite, a multiplayer online battle arena-style game, is coming this summer, The Pokémon Company announced Thursday. The game is scheduled to launch on Nintendo Switch in July and on mobile platforms starting in September. The Pokémon Company also debuted a new cinematic trailer for Pokémon Unite on Thursday. It shows all sorts of Pokémon like Pikachu, Mr. Mime, Absol, […]

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Metroid Dread’s amiibo gives Samus three helpful power-ups

When Nintendo releases Metroid Dread for Nintendo Switch later this year, the 2D side-scrolling-adventure will also get a special amiibo release featuring Samus Aran and the killer robot known as EMMI. Nintendo announced the new Metroid Dread amiibo Tuesday during its Nintendo Direct E3 2021 presentation, but didn’t say much about what it will do. Now that the Metroid Dread […]

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