You Can Play Every Half-Life Game For Free Right Now

With Half-Life: Alyx hitting in March, it’s a good time to catch up on the Half-Life series. Actually, it’s a fantastic time to catch up on the Half-Life series, as Valve is letting you play the entire series free of charge until April 1. That should more than enough time to brush up on the entire story of the Half-Life […]

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Watch Dogs Legion Pre-Order Guide: Bonuses, Release Date, Collector's Editions, And More

Watch Dogs Legion continues the open-world hacking setup the series is known for, but it’s taking a markedly different approach than previous entries. Instead of focusing on a single character or group of characters, it focus on many, with a more systemic approach to gameplay and storytelling. Originally slated for March 6, 2020, its current release date is unknown after […]

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5 Things You Need to Know About Custom Software Development

Custom software development is specifically designed, created, and deployed for individuals or organizations. It comes with a specific set of tasks and functions and operates on narrow requirements. And so, it cannot be commercially bought or marketed. Customized software is like a tailor-made suit that only fits your body. Similarly, it will only fit your business needs and requirements. Businesses […]

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