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How To Turn The Ekans Line From Pokemon Into D&D Monsters

The Pokemon franchise is designed around single-player experiences and PVP multiplayer battles. It’s not built for the group party dynamics of a game like Dungeons & Dragons, but the monsters from Pokemon can still be used as enemies for parties to face. To this end, we have statted out the Ekans line for use in D&D adventures. Ekans has been […]

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All the Best VR Deals for Black Friday 2020

Retailers began their Black Friday deals at the start of the week but now its the big day itself, where all the limited-time deals come together for a bonanza of savings (hopefully). Virtual reality (VR) fans can get in on the action too, albeit more on the software side than the hardware for 2020. So here’s VRFocus’ roundup of the […]

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Design and Build Robots With RoboCo in 2021, VR Support Expanded

Filament Games began development on its VR-only project RoboCo back in 2017, a sandbox videogame all about designing and building robots. Since then the studio has added a desktop mode which grew in prominence, seeing a campaign arise that wasn’t VR compatible. Recently, the team confirmed that’s been rectified as they prepare for an Early Access launch next year. RoboCo […]

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Why We Need Bully 2

Jimmy Hopkins lives a sorry existence. He’s been thrown out of every school he’s ever attended, and now he has to put up with loads of posh pricks in Bullworth Academy while his mum jets off on her fifth honeymoon – for an entire year! To put it plainly, Rockstar doesn’t miss. Red Dead Redemption 2 didn’t click with me, […]

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