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Konami is turning Frogger into a game show

Konami is capitalizing on the Frogger brand for a new reality competition series for Peacock, NBC Universal’s streaming service. The classic arcade game will be adapted into the TV show Frogger, described as a “fierce and ridiculously fun competition” in which contestants compete in 12 themed obstacle courses. And yes, that includes dodging “treacherous traffic.” According to a news release, […]

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The New Normal: Working from Home XR Style

Working from home always sounded like a great concept in theory, especially when sat on a train commuting to the office at seven thirty in the morning or stuck in gridlocked traffic. For those able to, that fantasy became a very real reality during the course of 2020, as offices were closed and everyone had to become immediately proficient in […]

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Please Don’t Play The Mass Effect Remasters As A Soldier

The Mass Effect trilogy is defined by player choice. Your decisions in the game make each playthrough unique, whether it’s who you leave on Virmire, what you do with the Geth source code, or who you romance. We Mass Effect fans even identify playthroughs in these terms: this is my Kaidan playthrough, this is my Jackmance playthrough, and so on. […]

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Squading Up In Watch Dogs: Legion Online

Watch Dogs: Legion may have launched last October, but the fight to liberate London rages on in its upcoming online mode. Ubisoft plans to launch Watch Dogs: Legion Online on March 9 and expands the game’s sandbox to allow players to work together to hack machines, fight Albion soldiers, or just goof around and cause wanton chaos. I spent a few […]

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The Beauty Of Firewatch’s Mundane Ending

Firewatch is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, and so I finally decided to delve into this beloved indie modern classic for the first time. It was a treat – a masterclass in storytelling, atmosphere, and thrills. Subtly was key for Firewatch, and it paid in dividends. Yet, when I scoured the internet to see how people responded to its […]

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