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Kids Review – Standing Out By Blending In

Kids doesn’t tell a story so much as it explores the concept of groupthink. As you manage larger and larger crowds of hand-drawn, faceless young people, you probably won’t piece together a coherent plot. However, its theme isn’t subtle; going along with others can be inviting, dangerous, and sometimes your only option. The way Kids uses interactivity to get across […]

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Choose Your Own Path Book Series Lone Wolf Coming to Mobile AR

When it comes to augmented reality (AR) gaming the sector is really heating up in 2019. Forget about Pokemon GO for a moment as titles like Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs and Reality Clash are two of the bigger videogames to arrive this year, with the likes of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Minecraft Earth still to come. Today, London-based developer VisionizAR has revealed its plans for a similar […]

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Hunting down the true origins of the battle royale craze

The battle royale genre is a black hole from which no franchise is safe. Since PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and DayZ popularized the genre, Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode catapulted it into the zeitgeist, Apex Legends proved the format could adapt, and Tetris 99 extended the philosophy beyond shooters, major gaming studios are turning to “last player standing” gameplay hooks in order to […]

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Red Dead Redemption II Recut As A Magnificent Seven-Inspired Film

What if Red Dead Redemption II was done in the style of The Magnificent Seven? YouTuber USNIM has a channel dedicated to creating film-inspired trailers out of popular video games, and Red Dead Redemption II is the most recent to receive the Hollywood treatment.  The trailer, inspired by the 2016 blockbuster The Magnificent Seven, perfectly captures tone of the film through scenes and dialogue […]

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Observation Revew – The Thrill Of Taking Back Control

Horror games are often loud and immediate when it comes to the shocks they deliver. Even the more restrained of the genre’s offerings, like Soma and Amnesia, often have indestructible hunters that consistently instill smaller jolts of fright pursuing you. Observation is different, trading pulse-pounding scares for a sense of creeping fear. You play a space station’s artificial intelligence in […]

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