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Halo 3 fans spent 13 years trying to break into a skybox

By now it should be clear that Termacious Trickocity are a tenacious bunch: The Halo group has made a name for itself by achieving elaborate exploits that the wider community often regards as impossible. But usually, when a challenge stands in its way, Trickocity have objects to play with, like weapons or cover, which can then be manipulated to clip […]

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Xbox will let you install games before you buy them

A new feature coming to the Xbox operating system allows players to download any game before its launch — whether they’ve pre-ordered it from the Xbox store or not — so that games on disc are as ready-to-go as their digital versions. Jerko Cilas, a writer for Lords of Gaming, noted the capability on Twitter Wednesday afternoon. He activated the […]

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Xbox Series X backward compatibility will add HDR, 120 fps support to older games

Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox will launch with support for “thousand of games” from the original Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, the company says. On Thursday, the company pledged more than just basic support for those older games — they should play better than ever before, according to Jason Ronald, director of program management for Xbox Series X. That includes support […]

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Terrifying Horror Game Scorn Is Coming To Xbox Series X

Microsoft revealed a new trailer and details for Scorn, an upcoming first-person horror adventure game, during its May 2020 Inside Xbox livestream. The trailer for the game, which is coming to Xbox Series X, is embedded below. In the trailer, we see ominous statues covered in blood and gore, all of which seems located in a tomb of some sort. […]

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