A new turn-based RPG is coming to the League of Legends universe

Although Riot Games are already busy making new games of their own — including the Legends of Runeterra card game, a tactical FPS codenamed “Project A”, a fighting game, and a LoL RPG game — they’re growing even more serious about spreading the League of Legends brand. Earlier this month, Riot announced Riot Forge — a separate vertical which will lend the League of Legends IP to third party developers so that they can make games too.

At the time of announcement, Riot did not say what kind of games they’re having in mind, but on Friday, vice president of IP Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street announced the first title: Ruined King.

The subtitle “A League of Legends story” makes it sounds like one of those Star Wars stand-alone movies, which should be enough to excite fans of the franchise. According to Ghostcrawler, the game is a turn-based RPG and is being developed Airship Syndicate, who already have experience in the genre with Battle Chasers: Night War. Airship Syndicate also recently released Darksiders: Genesis — an isometric action RPG in the Darksiders universe — adding even more to their RPG portfolio.

Judging by the website, the Ruined King will take place in the Shadow Isles and Bilgewater, two of the darker, more macabre regions of Runeterra.

Oh, yes, and there’s a trailer.

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