Aphelios' base skin has 147 unique FX, Riot says

From the tornado spouting out of Yasuo’s Q, to the indicator on Ziggs ultimate, these are various examples of how Riot Games incorporates VFX into champions. Each visual is carefully crafted to suit a champions’ traits, give definition to skills, and wow players with stunning effects.

And today, Riot’s FX team discussed how they add these finishing touches to Pantheon, Senna, and Aphelios.

VFX comes in as the fourth step in Riot’s character creation process. Once champions come to life during the animation step, it’s time to add flair to their kits through VFX. This year alone, League of Legends fans have seen five new champions and four reworks.

“The [FX] team completed 24 unique skins that needed some kind of VFX treatment, for a total of 33 exciting new FX skins in League,.” Riot said. 

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