Best Hearthstone decks of 2019

This year has been an exciting one for Hearthstone. Players got to experience the formation of the League of EVIL and started a storyline that has stretched across numerous expansions. The League of EVIL were eventually met by the League of Explorers and now both groups are in the middle of dealing with a small Dragon problem.

Here, you’ll find some of the most impactful decks of 2019. Though many of these decks received a swift smack from the nerf bat, you’ll find them here preserved in their former glory. Decks are in no particular order, but you can expect all of them to pack a punch.

Pre-nerf Galakrond Shaman

If there was one deck that united the Hearthstone community in a call for nerfs, it was Galakrond Shaman. Popular Hearthstone personality Dekkster called it one of the most powerful decks in Hearthstone’s history. The Invoke Mechanic was so strong in this deck prior to the nerfs that it could make the opponent feel powerless. Luckily, the Hearthstone team recognized how OP the deck was and nerfed it shortly after the Descent of Dragons expansion released.

Face Hunter

If you’re balling on a budget and need a deck to climb with in the current meta, look no further. Face Hunter is one of the strongest decks in the current meta and it one of the easiest to play. Like the name implies, you basically ignore your opponent’s board and aim everything at their face. Hunter’s Hero Power makes this deck possible. If you need a cheap way to win, Face Hunter can be your saving grace in 2020.

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