CoD: H.A.R.P Set To Return To Black Ops Cold War In Future Update

The VSAT/Blackbird is returning again, this year in the form of the H.A.R.P.

The Orbital VSAT or Blackbird has been one of the community’s favorite Scorestreaks from Black Ops games. As a constant UAV, it also shows the direction players are facing, allowing you to sneak behind. This is one of the best non-lethal Scorestreaks and one that is often used when going for high killstreaks.

One Black Ops Cold War Gyro discovered that bots within a private match could earn the H.A.R.P. The H.A.R.P was seen in multiple leaks before the game’s release, however was not included in the final build. It seems that while players can’t access it, bots can, meaning it is still in the game and may be introduced in a coming update.

H.A.R.P Details

The H.A.R.P costs 7000 score to unlock and lasts 40 seconds. However, it can also be shot down. The H.A.R.P works against Ghost, meaning that the perk won’t keep you off the radar and as always, it is a constant UAV.

Many fans were disappointed when the H.A.R.P was seemingly removed from the game following earlier leaks, so they will be glad to see that it may return. With Season One coming on December 16, we may see the H.A.R.P added to the game then, or we may see Treyarch make us wait longer for the beloved Scorestreak.

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