Daxak contemplates an early retirement

Recruited at the new Winstrike team less than a month ago, Nikita “Daxak” Kuzmin, announced that he and Maxim “mellojul” Pnyov, the mid laner, have been already benched.

Daxak posted on his Vk fan page his thoughts on how Winstrike performed and also stated that for now he won’t be looking to join a new team, but rather will take the time to figure out what else he could do in the esports industry in order to mix “business with pleasure.“

Winstrike rebranded and introduced a new line-up at the end of November 2019. They had to take the open qualifiers road into the Leipzig Major and Bukovel Minor closed regional qualifiers, and although the passed the open battle, they placed fourth in the group stage matches and lost the race for one of the tickets to either of these two Dota Pro Circuit tournaments.

“We had problems in the team right from the start, so I had reasons to believe that we won’t be lasting,” says Daxak in the opening of his letter to the fans. He also mentions that the issues were “slowly solved” so he just stayed on the team and “went with the flow.”

“We barely passed the open qualifiers and we couldn’t even reach the Minor. That was everyone’s fault, but for myself, I can say that I didn’t play at my full potential, I can’t say that I did everything to win, so I question if I made the right choice when I chose this path,” Daxak wrote referring to his competitive career.

He explains that he left the team on good terms with everyone and he thanks the organization and his teammates with whom he says he got along well, although they didn’t win anything together. On future plans, Daxak writes:

“For starting, I want to simply relax  (pubs / stream / coaching / commenting), in short, try all these things and see what I like the most doing. […] At the end of this testing period I will make a decision. I will see if I still have the willpower and the skills to return to the competitive side of the game and surrender to it as I did in the past or if I should try to commentate, stream, coach or become a content creator.”

With Daxak and mellojul benched on the Winstrike lineup, the current roster is as follows:

  • Vasily “AfterLife“ Shishkin
  • Ilya “ALOHADANCE“ Korobkin
  • Vladimir “RodjER“ Nikoghosyan
  • coach: Arsenij “ArsZeeqq” Usov

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