Digital games and interactive media record over $120 billion in revenue for 2019

Are free-to-play games truly “free to play”? No, according to SuperData’s 2019 Year in Review report.

Digital games and interactive media combined for a total revenue of $120.1 billion in 2019, up four percent from last year. And the majority of the year’s digital games earnings came from free-to-play titles.

Free-to-play games, like Honour of Kings and League of Legends, accounted for “4 out of every 5 dollars” spent on digital games. And for the second year in a row, battle royale Fortnite generated the most revenue among free-to-play games with $1.8 billion.

The Epic Games’ hit title consistently releases new content and cosmetics, easily transforming players into consumers. Though League hosts a larger playerbase and audience than Fortnite, players are still more likely to spend money on the battle royale.

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