Dota 2: Another Team Was Disqualified From The DPC League

The SEA DPC League Season will begin in just a few days from now. But sadly, it won’t start for one team; Team Assault have been disqualified.

The qualifiers for the upper and the lower division of the upcoming SEA DPC league are finally over. Although there were several interesting series, most people will remember these qualifiers for the controversies — and the two teams that got disqualified.

The first team to face disqualification was VISdota. They were removed because they played with a banned player. The other team that won’t be able to try their luck in the upcoming event is Team Assault.

Why did they receive a ban?

The reason Assault won’t be taking part in the League is due to account sharing. Following their punishment, the team that will take their place is Army Geniuses. But, we’re yet to see whether Army Geniuses can go toe to toe with some of the best teams in the region. Their first match will be against Galaxy Racer on January 21.

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