Dota 2: The Small Update that Fixed Frostivus

After one of the most amazing years for every Dota 2 fan, it’s time to focus on 2020. The first big tournament of the year is going to be the WePlay! Bukovel Minor. There are just a couple of days until it begins and it will be one of the most interesting events in January.

However, before it begins, Vale released a couple of small updates in a row. Even though there are not any major changes, every single update fixes something somewhat important, which is a good sign. With that said, here is what the newest update has to offer.

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January 3, 2020 Update from DotA2

The first change is related to the Frostivus event, and more specifically, the chat wheels. Unfortunately, some users reported that they are not able to use some of their rewards. It didn’t become clear what was the reason for this glitch, but the small update finally fixes it.

Another interesting change is done to the neutral creeps’ aggro. If you haven’t noticed, some of them had a way longer aggro time than they should, which resulted in some very strange chases from these creeps. As a result, pulling and getting away from some of the camps was pretty hard. Luckily for us, this was fixed and is now a thing from the past.

Turbo mode receives a change to its neutral items. Now, instead of waiting for a long time, the items from these creeps will start to drop seven minutes earlier. This was a much-needed change because Turbo is all about the speed. After all, no one wants to wait that long, especially in this mode.

The last noticeable thing that was changed in the recent update is related to the mouse clicks. It’s safe to say that nearly every Dota 2 player has had times where they had to deward very fast, but instead of selecting the enemy ward, they clicks on their own. Well, Valve seems to have finally acknowledged this and have stepped in. As a result, your own wards now have a lower priority in comparison to the enemy ones when you click. This means that you will have an easier time rewarding when they are stacked.

Apart from the changes above, there are also a couple of other things:

  • A big with the armory UI not scrolling to a typed hero is fixed
  • The labels for the different items that are on the ground will appear when holding Alt.
  • If you type Inai, you will be able to select Void Spirit from the hero grid.

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