Elspeth rises against Ashiok in MTG Arena event

Hyping up the new Theros: Beyond Death set releasing in January, Wizards of the Coast dropped the official trailer at The Game Awards tonight, as well as a new event in MTG Arena

Several Theros: Beyond Death (THB) cards were revealed yesterday, followed by the sets trailer at the Game Awards tonight. And contained within the trailer was a surprise: an image of the Artifact, Black Lotus.

Magic: The Gathering on Twitter

Betrayed by the gods. Banished to the underworld. Rise up and escape your fate. #MTGTheros is available everywhere 1/24. Play in a Prerelease at your local game store 1/17-1/19. Learn how to preorder at https://t.co/PRoAG2INPy https://t.co/uLA5bEO1g2

Showcased at the end of the THB trailer was the infamous Black Lotus Artifact. And it’s playable in MTG Arena via The Game Awards after-party event, Ashiok vs. Elspeth. 

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