Every player that qualified for Capcom Cup 2019

Capcom Cup 2019 is the biggest Street Fighter V event of the year, with the best 32 players in the world clashing to see who will be named the Capcom Cup Champion. 

Most of the fighters have already been locked in through earning points from various Capcom Pro Tour events throughout the year and Regional Qualification, but things are coming down to the wire, thanks to the Last Chance Qualifier.

Before the Capcom Cup begins, here is a list of every player that has earned a spot in the top 32 and how they qualified. 

Capcom Cup 2018 Champion 

Capcom Cup 2018 Champion Tsunehiro “gachikun” Kanamori

Because gachikun won last year’s tournament, he was automatically guaranteed an invite to Capcom Cup 2019 so he could defend his title against a new field of challengers.

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