[Exclusive] – LGD Xiye: "We are all under a lot of pressure, but that is not an excuse"

We have just finished one of the most exciting Play-in Stages ever. The new format divided the participants into two groups where only the team that gets the first position would automatically qualify for the Main Event, the last one would be automatically eliminated, and the remaining three teams would have to play Bo5 series against each other to have the chance to advance to the next phase.

During the first days of the Play-in Stage, teams from both groups played their Bo1 series in a single round-robin. Everybody knew what teams were the favorites to dominate their groups, but in League of Legends, nothing is for sure.

Proof of that is LGD Gaming, the Chinese fourth seed, that was placed in group B. The LPL representative only managed to win one Bo1… this was enough for them to not be automatically eliminated (it was V3 Esports, the Japanese team, who ended last), but this was not enough for their fans.

The situation was critical. LGD performance was far away from what everyone expected from a Chinese team, and two Bo5 were to be played if they wanted to advance to the Main Event. The first one would be against Rainbow7, LLA representative, and the second against Legacy Esports, the Oceanian team.

But when the time came, LGD Gaming proved us all wrong. They won both Bo5 3-0, with amazing performances, showing their full potential and clearing any doubts about them: they are here to compete.

After the last victory, the one that made them a “Main Event Team”, LGD mid laner, Su “xiye” Han-Wei, gave us some minutes for an exclusive interview with VPEsports, to talk about this experience and his feelings about it.

Hello xiye, first, congratulations on advancing to the Group Stage. Thank you for interviewing with us today.

Thank you

How are you guys feeling after these days at Worlds 2020? And how about you personally?

In the Bo1s at first, we were in a very bad form, but luckily, we made proper adjustments later. Now I feel happy to advance to the Group Stage smoothly.

LGD hasn’t represented the LPL at worlds since 2015, do you guys feel any extra pressure to perform well because of that?

This is my first year at LGD, and for me, the second time I’m in Worlds. I definitely want to play well. We are all under a lot of pressure and we want to perform well, but this is not an excuse for our bad performance on Day 1 and Day 2.

We did perform badly on Day 1 and Day 2.

What does it mean to you to be here?

It means we have better synergy. Now since we have advanced to the Group Stage, hope we perform better in the Group Stage.

Do you think that the quarantine will affect the non-Chinese teams’ performance?

It may do, depending on how non-Chinese teams prepare for it because the quarantine has offered us abundant time. It does not delay our training even during the quarantine.

Many people say that LGD is the “less Chinese” team in the LPL since you guys have Korean players and it makes you play more “Korean-styled”. What do you think about this statement?

Maybe our pace in the early stage is a bit slow, yes, but as long as the opponent wants a team fight, we would definitely take it. This is rather “LPL”.

You won 3-0 yesterday and today, so how did you adjust yourself?

Although we had a bad performance on Day 1 and 2, we have been encouraging each other a lot, and the management crew also kept encouraging us, so we adjusted ourselves for the following two days, and thus won by 6-0 smoothly.

After the Play-in stage, what do you think about your own level compared with your same position opponents? How would you rate yourself compared with other players with your role?

Actually from BO1 to now, I think I got the upper hand during the laning phase, but since I made a lot of errors in team fights, I’ll rate 8 or 9 for my laning phase, and 6 or 7 overall.

What do you think are the strengths of LGD? What can make you defeat the teams that you may face in the games later?

I think our strength is that we know the proper timing of a team fight. As long as we keep in a good form, I think we have a chance to win whoever we play against.

Any message to your fans?

Thank you fans for your support. This time we have advanced to the Group Stage with difficulty. Hope we perform well in the Group Stage as a return to our fans.

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