FLASHPOINT phase 2 groups set

FLASHPOINT phase 2 groups have been revealed and matches kicked off. The phase will run from March 27th to April 6th in an online double-elimination, best-of-three format.

Once phase 2 ends, the points from both phases will be totaled and the top eight teams will move into the playoffs.

Once again the top-seeded teams from the first stage were separated into groups and then able to pick a team to join them. This would be followed by the last team picked selecting the next team to join the group until the groups were filled. In the end, the last picked team could choose to swap one of the teams picked into their group (could be vetoed) or swap the place of teams in their group in order to change the first round of matches.

Group A:

  • Cloud9
  • Envy
  • Copenhagen Flames
  • HAVU

Group B:

  • MAD Lions
  • Chaos
  • FunPlus Phoenix (Swole Patrol)
  • c0ntact

Group C:

  • MIBR
  • Orgless
  • Dignitas
  • Gen.G

First-round matches:

Group A:

 Cloud9 vs.  Envy
 Copenhagen Flames vs.  HAVU

Group B:

 MAD Lions vs.  Chaos
 FunPlus Phoenix vs.  c0ntact

Group C:

 MIBR vs.  Orgless
 Dignitas vs.  Gen.G

With the conclusion of phase 1, Cloud9, MAD Lions, and MIBR top the board with 75 points a piece. The complete rankings following the conclusion of the first stage of FLASHPOINT:

1-3.  MAD Lions – 75 points
1-3.  MIBR – 75 points
1-3.  Cloud9 – 75 points
4-6.  HAVU – 50 points
4-6.  Chaos – 50 points
4-6.  Orgless – 50 points
7-9.  c0ntact – 30 points
7-9.  Gen.G – 30 points
7-9.  Dignitas – 30 points
10-12.  Copenhagen Flames – 15 points
10-12.  Envy – 15 points
10-12.  FunPlus Phoenix – 15 points

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