Fly into action with the new Motor Glider in PUBG Labs

It seems like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players will finally get to fly without having to hack a car or boat.

PUBG Corp. revealed a new mode of transportation for players on its website today. The Motor Glider will be added to PUBG‘s Labs for testing tomorrow and will allow you to fly with a squadmate and rain shots below.

“To take off, you’ll need to get the speed up to 70km/h (so not quite the 88 miles per hour you’d need for time travel) and once you’re moving you can use sticky throttle to lock in your forward acceleration,” PUBG Corp wrote.

Once players reach the desired acceleration speed, they need to hold the S key to pitch the Glider upwards. There’s no maximum altitude to limit the Glider, meaning “the sky’s the limit.” But make sure to keep an eye on the vehicle’s gas consumption, which is directly tied to how fast you go.

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