Former IBM CTO of Esports Launches Generation Esports and Video Games

After working for nearly 11 years working at IBM, Bill Le Voir-Barry announced in February that he was leaving the company, though it turns out it was not a completely voluntary exit. Le Voir-Barry served as the chief technology officer of esports and gaming for nearly three years and nearly eight years in other roles at IBM.

“So at the time IBM was going through some changes, and to be very frank, I was offered other positions within the company that would take me far away from esports and video games, as IBM was going through a major resource action (RA) and was laying off many IBM-ers,” Le Voir-Barry told The Esports Observer.

Le Voir-Barry could have gotten a job at another big technology company, but his friends and colleagues urged him to strike out on his own. So shortly after his exit from IBM he quietly launched Generation Esports and Video Games, a consulting firm with a focus on helping esports and gaming-related businesses scale.

“A lot of my peers and friends told me, ‘It’s you’re time to go fly, dude.’ So I’m making lemonade out of lemons, I guess.”

Generation Esports plans on casting a wide net, consulting on esports and gaming projects and related services including venue design, cloud computing, game development, NFTs, blockchain, and more. And while his company is barely a month old, Le Voir-Barry says that his little operation of four people is already laying the groundwork for future deals.

“My business is officially four weeks old, and we have a pipeline already. We go through a little spreadsheet every day, managing our pipeline and trying to balance things because as others in the company say, there’s only one of me and maybe I need to put myself in a duplicator machine or something.”

As for who Le Voir-Barry wants to focus on working with right out of the gate, he says he is already engaged with mid-sized to larger groups that are entering esports for the first time and really need advice concerning the sector.

“A number of folks have reached out to me that have recently received some investment packages, received sponsorships from both endemics and non-endemics. They’re fairly new to the esports space and have asked me to consult and guide them so that they can enter the space comfortably.” 

Finally, Le Voir-Barry says that he is in early discussions with government officials in various countries about using esports in ways that generate revenue.

“Several government entities have reached out to me, asking ‘Hey, can you turn esports into an economic engine for my country?’ I can’t get into the details too much right now, but there’s been several prime ministers and  presidents that have asked me to be on projects.”

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