Geek Fam exit ESL One Los Angeles Online while Adroit remain dominant

Southeast Asia’s group stage at ESL One Los Angeles Online
had reached its final day, with all four teams playing to either avoid
elimination or claim the number one seed spot at the event.

After suffering two defeats each, both Geek Fam and Fnatic remained
in a firm last place in the group at ESL One LA Online – but their final series
would be against one another. This would mean that the loser of the series
would be eliminated, while the victor would be able to fight in the playoffs.
On the other side of the group, both Team Adroit and BOOM Esports had two
victories a piece, meaning that their series, while nobody would be eliminated,
would see the winner moving straight into the grand final and the loser would be
facing off in the playoff stage.

Fnatic had won two games in their two series so far at the
event, the first one every time, but following these wins, they ended up losing
the series. Game one came with an emphatic victory for them as they pummeled Geek
Fam into a 21-minute GG with ease. With elimination on the line, Fnatic weren’t
about to let things slip away that easily and even though they fell behind very
early on in game two, they made an amazing comeback. In the end their team fight
was just far too strong for the Geek Fam lineup to deal with a quick 2-0 loss
would end GF’s ESL One LA Online tournament.

On the top side of the group, it was Adroit who struck first
with a Necrophos pick for Mc ‘Mac’ Nicholson Villanueva dominating the BOOM
lineup. From start to finish it was clinical execution from Adroit as they
looked to take their spot in the grand final. However, BOOM did not give up and
in the next game they managed to tie the series – even though the early period
did not really go in their favour.

It was just passed 20-minutes when BOOM turned things around
and from then on, they did not let up on the pressure, forcing out the GG call
shortly after the half hour point. The final and decisive game three was nearly
perfectly played by Adroit as they constantly ran directly at the BOOM lineup. While
BOOM did put up a very good fight, once Adroit pushed onto the high ground,
everything was over as Adroit take a 2-1 victory and move directly into the
grand finals.

SEA now moves to the playoff stage which will begin with
Fnatic taking on BOOM Esports tomorrow before the victor moves on to face
Adroit in the grand finals. There is still plenty of Dota 2 action to come
today from ESL One Los Angeles Online with the North and South American group
stages coming to a close.

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