Gift Exchange is Hearthstone’s new Tavern Brawl this week

We’re still a week out from Christmas, but it’s time to start opening presents early. Hearthstone’s newest Tavern Brawl for the second week of the holiday-themed Winter Veil event, named Gift Exchange, is out now.

“Great Father is dropping crates on the battlefield,” the Tavern Brawl’s description reads. “Get a gift each time you smash your opponent’s crate…or your own.”

Upon starting a Tavern Brawl, players will be prompted to choose a hero and create a deck before they’re matched with a random opponent. For the first two turns, each player will have one Winter Veil Crate summoned to their side of the board. Every turn a player doesn’t have a Winter Veil Crate on their side of the board, one will be summoned to their side of the board at the start of their turn.

Winter Veil Crates are 0/4 minions with a Deathrattle that gives the player who destroyed the minion a one-cost spell called a Stolen Winter Veil Gift. The spell Discovers a random treasure, which can be either a minion or spell, and reduces its mana cost.

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