Here are the 1.03 patch notes for MTG Arena’s December update

Another MTG Arena update has dropped and contained within it are a few reveals players weren’t expecting. 

The MTG Arena December update contained a surprise friends list in it today, along with a new pre-order bundle, a lengthy list of upcoming events, and a host of cosmetics. 

Friends list

Players can invite up to 200 friends and challenge them anytime in every format available in Arena. The previous scaling issues have mostly been resolved, but there is a frozen state problem WotC is asking players to work around. Ways to resolve the frozen issue and a breakdown of the friends list options can be found here. 

Deckbuilder changes

WotC is cleaning up some of the user interface problems that have plagued Arena, beginning with the sorting of decks. Players can now organize and sort their decks based on several criteria. 

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