Invictus Gaming CEO shares why JackeyLove left iG and stayed a free agent for so long

Invictus Gaming’s owner Wang “WXZ” Sicong shared on Weibo Friday his side of the story about why AD Carry Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo ended up leaving the team and staying a free agent for the majority of the split. According to WXZ, this was, in short, the result of talent mismanagement by JackeyLove’s cousin.

JackeyLove was the hottest free agent of the 2019 off-season but remained unsigned to a team by the time the 2020 Spring Split began. Assumptions were that the storied bot laner was biding his time and waiting for the best offer. According to WXZ, there is some truth to that, but it wasn’t entirely JackeyLove’s intention.

Sicong says that it was JackeyLove’s cousin who acted as his agent during the off-season and initially forced the player to sign a contract of intent with Royal Never Give Up, the penalty default of which was 10M CNY. Top Esports, EDward Gaming and iG themselves were all interested in signing JackeyLove, but the 10M halted negotiation. Eventually, way into the Spring Split, Top Esports signed JackeyLove in attempt to improve their bot lane.

WXZ further said, that the story is “spicier” than just this blog, and he’d reveal more details if he finds the time. So far, the rumors are, of course, unconfirmed and come from one of the parties most affected by JackeyLove’s contract situation.

JackeyLove currently plays for TES and is to face his former teammates from iG in the 2020 LPL Summer Playoffs semifinals.

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