KeSPA Cup will be getting an English broadcast this year after all

Korean esports fans, rejoice! This year’s League of Legends KeSPA Cup will be streamed in English so fans from around the globe can tune into the action live.

As announced by the Korea e-Sports Association, an English stream will kick off tomorrow with the tournament’s start on KeSPA’s Youtube channel. The broadcast talent hosting the stream have also seemingly been revealed on Twitter as well.

Korea e-Sports Association (KeSPA) on Twitter

Glad to announce that English streaming service for KeSPA Cup 2019 is back on! Starting from tomorrow, it would be available on KeSPA’s Youtube channel(/kespa). Special thanks to @LSXYZ9 @Atlustv @AchiliosCasts and @BrendanValdes for your cooperation!

Originally, KeSPA Cup was not scheduled to have an English broadcast, with casters even coming out to say that they were barred from re-streaming the event from home. Last year’s KeSPA Cup was also broadcast in English, adding to the confusion surrounding the decision to pull this year’s English stream.

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