Louis Vuitton releases League of Legends themed merchandise

League of Legends players were able to bring high-end fashion to the Rift with the True Damage Prestige Qiyana skin. And now, fans can bring that same fashion to the real world.

Louis Vuitton launched the LVxLoL collection today on its website, collaborating once again with Riot Games to create a stylish assortment of clothing in the trademark brown and gold hues.

The collection includes anything from leggings and bumbags to sneakers and parkas. And the majority of the pieces feature a camouflage motif that connects the entire line together.

But for fans interested in purchasing something from the LVxLoL collection, these items do carry a hefty price tag. A short-sleeve T-shirt featuring the Prestige Qiyana skin, along with the champion’s Ohmlatl weapon, costs $670.

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