Mirage’s Town Takeover in Apex may not be the Train event

The Apex Legends community speculated that Mirage’s Town Takeover event would be the anticipated Winter Express game mode, set on a train. They could be wrong.

Famous dataminer That1MiningGuy found a series of files referencing Mirage’s Town Takeover in the game files. They show a multitude of additions to the game, but none of them mention the Winter Express.

The new batch of leaks references a hot tub, fireworks, something called a “party switch,” and Mirage’s family recipe, pork chops. They’re all tagged with “Mirage_TT”, apparently short for “Town Takeover.” The event seems to be called “Sleek City.” The Town Takeover and the Train may be two unrelated additions to Apex.

The Winter Express game mode was anticipated earlier this month as part of the datamining efforts that revealed the upcoming event, “Holo-Day Bash.” The mode will pit legends off against each other aboard a train and will be announced by Mirage. According to the rules, players can “claim the train by being the only squad on board,” and “the first squad to do that three times wins the whole kit and caboozle.”

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