New R6 stadium map leaked ahead of SI 2020

The Six Invitational 2020 is right around the corner and it looks like the Rainbow Six Siege map for the event has been leaked.

Fans have known that there would be some kind of special event launching alongside SI 2020 since the Tokoname, Japan Finals in November. Ubisoft displayed a brief teaser for the event that saw a number of operators don their country’s colors. The brief glimpse fans got felt akin to a sort of Olympic-style event. 


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Today, fans received some confirmation on what might be coming with the SI 2020 event. The leaked map is simply called Stadium and is essentially what one would expect based on its name, albeit with a sort of obstacle course on the field. Six’s leader, Harry, is also front and center at the beginning of the match. It seems as though Harry will provide a brief commentary on whichever operator the player chooses before the match starts up. The same will seemingly occur for the MVP animation at the end of a match. 

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