Overwatch League locks first map pool for 2020 season

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Say “au revoir” to Paris. The first map pool for the Overwatch League’s 2020 season is set, and the French capital is nowhere to be seen. Popular maps like King’s Row will make a return to the rotation, while maps like Paris and Volskaya Industries were left out.

All five of Overwatch’s control maps are featured in the rotation, which encompasses the first six weeks of the 2020 season. Teams can choose between Ilios, Busan, Lijiang Tower, Oasis, and Nepal. Control maps are played in the tiebreaker round since it’s impossible to have a draw in that mode.

Overwatch League on Twitter

It’s official, our first map pool is locked in 🎉 That means #OWL2020 is just around the corner! https://t.co/IHtwpexItp

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