Overwatch League to Offer Performance Bonuses to Players Through Partnership With BAIT

The Overwatch League has announced that it has entered into a partnership with BAIT that will see the two collaborate on rewarding players with bonuses when certain statistical milestones are reached. With the Overwatch League playoffs just around the corner, players who hit these stat-based milestones will earn shoes designed and curated by BAIT and its CMO Eric Phan. This adds to the already announced $4M Grand Finals prize pool. As an example, if a player achieves a “Fleta Deadlift”–when one player accounts for over half of their team’s eliminations–they unlock a BAIT BONUS good for $250 USD designed to be redeemed for special BAIT items.

This is the first time the Overwatch League has offered bonuses as this season designer Jeff Staple created Overwatch League team kits and back during the inaugural Grand Finals in 2018, the champions London Spitfire took the stage in Brooklyn wearing matching Off-White x Air Jordan 1s in University Blue. 

The stat-based achievement thresholds to recieve bonuses are:

All Roles

  • Fleta Deadlift (player accounts for 50% or more of team’s eliminations in a map)—first 2 players

Tanks and Supports

  • 3+ environmental kills from a single ability or ultimate used—first 2 players
  • Fewest deaths per 10 minutes—top 2 players


  • Final blows per 10 minutes—top 2 players
  • Eliminations per 10 minutes—top 2 players


  • Objective kills per 10 minutes—top 2 players
  • Negate 2 or more ultimates in a map—first 3 players
  • Reinhardt Earthshatter hitting 5 or more opponents—first 3 players


  • Assists per 10 minutes—top 2 players
  • Lead the team in damage on a map—first 2 players

BAIT describes itself as a “brick and click” concept retailer in footwear, apparel, and high-end collectibles.

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