Panda Global Brings on New Merchandise Team Led by Former Cirque Du Soleil Merchandising Director

Esports organization Panda Global has announced three new hires to spearhead the company’s merchandising initiatives. The group will be led by former Cirque Du Soleil Senior Director, Merchandising, F&B, and Licensing Terrence Turner. Turner previously served in director and leadership positions at Disney Parks & Resorts, Hallmark Cards, and SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment.

Alongside Turner, PG has hired digital illustrator Justin Wharton and graphic designer Aya Peters to serve as merchandise coordinators. Wharton previously worked with PG on its Panda VS apparel line and also has experience working with Team Liquid as well as indie fighting game title Rivals of Aether. In addition to work with merchandise and design assets for esports organizations, Peters has worked with various non-esports companies including Planet Hollywood and MGM Resorts.

“Merchandising has transformed in esports over the last few years,” Panda Global CEO Alan Bunney told The Esports Observer. “While many teams are still trying to find their place, at Panda we’ve found great success in our community outreach apparel program with the PandaVS lines…but I believe this is just the tip of the iceberg. I’m confident that our new team will absolutely push the boundaries of esports apparel and merchandise, giving Panda an even more unique position in the industry going forward.”

Panda Global is unique among esports organizations in that the brand is built entirely around 1v1 titles such as fighting and digital card games. While this means PG has no presence in the major team-based titles or franchised esports, this focused branding has allowed the organization to establish itself as a part of several niche communities, perhaps most notably the Super Smash Bros. competitive ecosystem.

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