Shroud is back with +500.000 viewers and opens the doors to become a pro in VALORANT

The popular streamer and former professional Counter-Strike player Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek has been on a kind of break for a couple of months after the streaming platform ‘Mixer’ announced it was shutting down, and many people were wondering whether he was coming back to action or not.

VPEsports reported a few days ago that Shourd was lately having one common theme in his posts: VALORANT; and many people began to suspect that perhaps the player would want to return to the competitive scene with the new shooter from Riot Games.

All suspicions have been confirmed when Shroud started streaming on Twitch again. For a few hours, VALORANT was the most-viewed game in the platform and the numbers registered on his channel were crazy.

As we can see in the clip above, Shroud says: “The real question is: am I going pro on VALORANT? Yes“.

Right after that, he started “playing” with the viewers, like he had leaked anything… maybe that is assuming too much, but for now, his former team Cloud 9 hasn’t a full VALORANT roster. There is one spot left to be filled, and who knows, maybe Shroud comes back home.

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