Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is paying tribute to Melee in a new event

Super Smash Bros. Melee players might never get the HD re-release that they have always wanted, but Nintendo is still paying tribute to one of the most popular fighting games of all time by throwing a Melee themed tournament in Smash Ultimate

There won’t be any Wavedashing, Wobbling, or other Melee techniques available, but a tournament themed around the second entry in the Smash series will at least limit everyone to picking characters and stages that were introduced in that game. 

Tempo ZeRo on Twitter

Pretty excited for this. This is the closest we’ll get to an official Melee HD of sorts? Not the same but still very hype!

That means even the OG Smash 64 characters are going to be banned from use, so for any Mario, Fox, Captain Falcon mains that thought they were going to be free to use their normal characters in the tournament. Not counting the Mii Fighters there are a total of 74 characters available in Smash Ultimate, but this tournament will cut that down to 14. 

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