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Team Liquid, the North American esports organization, and Alienware, an American computer hardware subsidiary of Dell, have come together for the greater good of esports. Today, the two have announced the creation of Good in Gaming, a new social good platform built around the concepts of “education, empowerment and inclusive competition.” The two have one of the longest lasting brand relationships, having been partners since 2011.

The new platform will look to elevate the community through the giving of scholarships and providing mentorship programs while also providing instructional content series and international esports tournaments.

The platform will have four pillars that will guide those involved in the program — Grow, Learn, Get Equipped and Compete.. 

Through its Grow pillar, an Alienware/Team Liquid internship program will be developed where two interns will receive four-month paid internships within Team Liquid that include onboarding, hands-on education, goal-setting, mentoring, and project work intended to add value to their resumes/work portfolios.

Additionally, four students will receive $7K USD educational stipends and the opportunity to be coached by Liquid mentors for four months. However, along with some other requirements applicants must play at least one full Alienware Tournament Series match.

The Learning pillar surrounds a six-part video series that was developed by Team Liquid’s 1UP Studios that will profile masters across varying esports crafts. Hosted by Kelly Link, staff members of the organization will guide viewers on an exploration into the “business of esports.”

Get Equipped sees The Legacy Project, a six-part mini-series that follows Liquid players and leadership as they introduce their personal esports journeys and those who helped them along the way. 

Lastly, with Compete, the Alienware Tournament Series will be a new competition series that will allow gamers of all levels older than 13-years old from North America, Europe, Brazil and Australia/New Zealand to participate in an international tournament. 

Potential prizes include first-place cash prizes, Alienware ARK laptops, monitors, keyboards and mice, Liquid+ points, and Liquid apparel.

For every match played, Alienware and Team Liquid will make a donation to Able Gamers

The series will run every Thursday through July 8 with final rounds to be played on Saturday, July 17.

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