Tencent Esports Partners With Hubei Province to Host CrossFire Franchise League in Wuhan – The Esports Observer

Tencent Esports, Hubei Province Propaganda Department, and Wuhan Tourism & Sports Group on Friday signed a partnership designed to bring more esports activities to Wuhan. 

Wugui Deng, vice minister of Hubei Province Propaganda Department, Tencent Esports managing director Mars Hou, VSPN president Ethan Teng, and eStar Gaming CEO Sun “xiaOt” Liwei attended the conference. 

During the event, Hou and Deng signed a strategic partnership between Tencent Esports and Hubei Province that will bring Tencent’s CrossFire franchise league to Wuhan as a first move to build the city up as China’s first-person-shooter (FPS) esports center. The CrossFire Professional League (CFPL) Spring Split Final will be hosted in Wuhan on Saturday with a limited in-person audience. 

In addition, Tencent also revealed that the company will build a CrossFire-themed park in Wuhan, and cooperate with local universities to develop more esports talent and professionals for the industry. 

Wuhan is a city which is widely known in the West because it was considered the starting point of the COVID-19 pandemic. Geographically, Wuhan is in the middle of China and plays an important role in the country’s esports industry because big players in esports such as  Chinese live-streaming platform DouYu and esports organization eStar Gaming are both based in the city. After China and Wuhan citizens successfully contained the pandemic in the city, China’s esports industry has attached more importance to it in 2021. Apart from the CFPL Spring Split Final, League of Legends operator TJ Sports will also host the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) Spring Split Final in Wuhan on Sunday with a live audience. In addition, TJ Sports has also offered a hundred free seats for Wuhan-based medical workers to show appreciation for their hard work and sacrifice during the pandemic.

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