The AFFLELOU Group Becomes the Official Eyewear Supplier of Team Vitality

The AFFLELOU Group announced a partnership with the French esports organization, Team Vitality. The deal is set to begin at the start of 2020 and continues into 2022. 

With studies showing that computer vision syndrome, a term covering numerous eye ailments from staring at computer screens and smartphones, can cause conditions such as eye strain, dry eyes, and eye damage, Team Vitality and the AFFLELOU group hope to raise awareness about the importance of eyesight and eye care in video games, both in terms of performance for professional players and public health for casual players.

According to the release, the partnership AFFLELOU Group provide eyewear to the organization and collaborate with Team Vitality to produce both serious and light-hearted content surrounding the educational and performance research components related to eyesight.

The AFFLELOU Group is a European group of eyewear and hearing aid franchises with a presence in five continents. Team Vitality is a French esports organization that fields teams in nine different esports including League of Legends European Championship (LEC), Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), and Rocket League.

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