The Ogre Magi arcana arrives with Frostivius rewards line and a Winter Treasure

Earlier today, Valve announced the TI10 main event dates well in advance of their usual time of reveal. But that’s not the only thing they did ahead of time – Valve also released the Ogre Magi arcana! Ogre Magi defeated Wind Ranger in the TI9 Battle Pass arcana vote which meant he would get his own arcana. Usually, that arcana comes sometime in the next year. But Valve sped up things and have released it before the end of the year.

Ogre Magi & Friend. #Dota2

The arcana features Ogre Magi sitting on a mount, which is a bird – Flockheart the Firelark. The arcana is called ‘Flockheart’s Gamble’. This is the description of the arcana:

Lost, separated from her family, and saddled with the impossibly-stupid ogre responsible for it all, Flockheart the Firelark has no choice but to trust that the Goddess of Luck will help her survive the trials standing between her and a reunion with her flock. After all, it was the Goddess herself who tasked the Ogre Magi with standing watch over said flock in the first place. What the cluck was she thinking?

Flockheart’s Gamble has new custom effect for skills and over 300 new voice lines! The details of the arcana can be found here.

The other addition to the game is the Frostivius rewards line. Each victory in normal matchmaking will advance a player on the rewards line where he/she can earn gifts, celebrations, chat wheel sounds and even a Winter Treasure.

The Winter Treasure can also be bough for $2.49. It features winter themed sets for a variety of heroes with the ultra rare set being a tiny holding a Christmas Tree. Things are getting pretty festive in the game!

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