The sister teams Ocean and Blaze merge under the OB tag

As two sister tier two teams from China, Ocean and Blaze came into the attention of the western fans only recently when both got invited to the Asia Divine division of OMEGA League. Unfortunately, only one of them was able to honor the invite as days before the tournament was about to start, the other one was still dealing with a roster shuffle.

Team Blaze made it up to the play-in stage where they got bested 2-1 by Execration and thus eliminated before the playoffs. Nonetheless, this was their first big opportunity to play against teams outside the domestic scene and Blaze’s team leader, Hua “Libra” Shi talked confidently about the future of his players in an interview with us a couple of weeks ago.

In the OMEGA League aftermath, the organization decided it’s time to merge the two rosters in one team and push forward fully focused on the next competitive season.  

Both Blaze and Ocean were established by OldBoys, an organization run by retired Chinese Dota 2 legends. The recruitment process implied weekly trials and scouting in the public high MMR games and that’s why, for instance, Blaze had Tang Kaiwen in the carry role, a China high MMR player with a unique hero pool.  

Upon the merger of the two rosters, Tang Kaiwen will continue to carry for the newly formed OB, but the mid lane player will come from Ocean, along with the offlaner. Ocean’s former support player, He “Fame” Jingxing will leave for now the competitive scene as he wishes to return to his studies, while 左手烟神 and XMY, former players at Ocean, and XHD and Myth, former players of Blaze decided to take a break, announced OB on their Weibo account.

The final OB roster from position 1 to 5 is as follows:

  • Tang Kaiwen
  • Chen “zc” Xiaofeng
  • Jiang “Tzy” Bo
  • Li “mianmian” Zimeng
  • Chen “kazz” Kai


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