TJ Sports Releases Match-Fixing Investigation Results, Punishment for LPL and LDL – The Esports Observer

China’s League of Legends esports operator TJ Sports announced the results and punishments from its two-month investigation into match-fixing accusations and reports in the League of Legends Development League (LDL). 

All players, coaches and management staff from 17 League of Legends Pro League (LPL) teams and 26 LDL teams were investigated. Eventually, three LPL players and 36 LDL-related staff were judged guilty by TJ Sports for violating anti match-fixing rules. 

For LPL, FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) player Zhou “Bo” Yangbo, the original target of this match-fixing incident, was given a four-month global suspension for his match-fixing involvement in LDL. ThunderTalk (TT) players Wang “Teeen” Yaoji and Xiang “bless” Yitong were given four-month and a 12-month global suspensions, respectively. In addition, Yangbo was also fined six months salary by FPX. 

It should be noted that all three LPL players received reduced punishment for “voluntary confessions,” and for cooperating with TJ Sports’ investigation. Yangbo and Yaoji were originally given six-month suspensions and Yitong was originally given a 18-month ban.

For LDL, the punishment is more serious. The entire Shenjie Gaming (SJG) team was disqualified from the league, and its players were given multiple bans from six-month to lifelong suspensions. In addition, 11 players, coaches and management staff were given lifelong bans. 

All suspended individuals will be banned from all professional League of Legends events hosted by Tencent, Riot Games, TJ Sports until the suspension period concludes. In addition, suspended players will also be banned for streaming League of Legends contents on live-streaming platforms.

Alongside the punishment results for match-fixing, TJ Sports also promised that the company will implement a series of measures to prevent match-fixing, including preventive practices, more detailed guidelines, technical development, and education and training.

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