Twitch, Amazon to Rebrand Twitch Prime

The launch of Twitch Prime four years ago was a landmark moment for streamers on the platform and remains one of Twitch’s strongest tools for streamer retention. Streamers receive the same revenue split from Prime subscriptions as they would from a standard subscription. This led to a substantial increase in revenue overnight for many streamers. That said, retaining these subscriptions remains a challenge for streamers due to the lack of an auto-renewal. Many users will simply forget to use their Prime subscription, or use it on different streamers each month, creating a need for streamers to routinely remind their viewers to use their Prime subscription.

While the rebrand shifts Amazon Prime’s Twitch integration to more of a gaming focus, Twitch itself has been actively expanding its scope beyond video games for the last few years. The platform’s catch-all non-gaming category, Just Chatting, has become its most-watched category. Many streamers have little to no gaming content on their channels, instead using categories such as Music, Fitness, or the newly-launched Sports category. Even classic board games that existed before the creation of video games, such as chess, are seeing a rise in popularity on the platform.

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