Twitch Warns Content Creators About a Flurry of DMCA Takedown Notices – The Esports Observer

Twitch’s advice to streamers is pretty much the same as it has been every time there is a major influx of DMCA takedown notices: Don’t stream music or other copyrighted material that you don’t have the rights to use. Further, it suggests that content creators permanently delete content that has copyrighted music in it and use the “unpublish all” feature and review videos and clips to make sure it doesn’t contain any copyrighted material.

Twitch has had a long struggle with the music industry in dealing with copyrighted material in user-created content on the platform. In July 2020, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos found himself in the hot seat during testimony before the U.S. House Judiciary Committee’s Antitrust Subcommittee. In August 2020, non-profit trade group the Artist Rights Alliance (ARA) sent a letter to Bezos questioning his testimony before Congress, about the use of unlicensed music on the company’s Twitch live streaming service. 

Generally, Twitch requires that content creators only use the music they have licensed, as per its community guidelines on music, and those who do not comply ultimately find themselves banned from the service.

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