Ubisoft reverts chat changes to R6 Test Server, will add a “toggle chat” button in the future

Ubisoft had a quick change of heart today. The company promised to add a “toggle chat” button to Rainbow Six Siege’s Test Server. The change comes hours after Ubisoft removed cross-chat from all game modes on the Test Server as an anti-toxicity experiment, but backtracked following player feedback.

The first update removed cross-team altogether as part of Ubisoft’s “anti-toxicity efforts,” as defined by the company. Messages on that channel were relayed to all users in a match and provided an easy way for players to unleash their vitriolic remarks.

The old system presented no simple way to mute enemy conversations. The only option was to mute each individual player through the game’s leaderboards functions. The process was awkward, time-consuming, and could burn through precious seconds of prep time at the start of rounds.

Ubisoft initially took the nuclear route by removing cross-chat entirely from the Test Server. But the community complained about the drastic measures.

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