VALORANT players discover 2 game-breaking bugs with Cypher and Sage

Riot needs to patch this out ASAP.

Another day, another game-breaking VALORANT bug. This time, the glitch involves everyone’s favorite one-man surveillance agent, Cypher.

Cypher players can remain suspended in air if he uses this new exploit with Sage’s Barrier Orb.

The exploit is simple to recreate. Just place a camera around while standing on a Sage wall, then enter Spycam mode. The wall can then be destroyed, but the Cypher player will remain suspended in air for as long as he stays in his Spycam.

As seen in the video above, this is easily exploitable because it gives players a way to hide in plain sight and the ability to pull off some broken ambushes on unsuspecting enemies. Players can boost Cypher into spots that not many people would check while pushing into areas, leaving them defenseless against the bugged interaction.

Another game-breaking bug is that Cypher can’t be boosted up by a Sage wall while in Spycam mode. Instead, he glitches into the wall, making him invisible to anyone around him, including enemies. He can shoot through the wall as well, making it one of the more broken interactions available.

Although he can’t see when he’s glitched into the wall, he can use his Spycam to gather information on the opponents that are walking around him. The Cypher can then plan an attack once the wall drops and he’s revealed.

This glitch needs to be patched out soon before people start to abuse it in upcoming VALORANT matches.

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