and NAVI secure Singapore Major slots

NAVI and Virtus.Pro reached five victories in a row in the single round-robin DPC Regional Leagues format and, therefore, they can’t be knocked out of contention for a spot at the Singapore Major.

Both teams have ended week four undefeated, however both dropped a game this Sunday, which for means that their goal of ending the League season with a spotless run isn’t possible anymore.

Team Spirit were the ones to steal a game from VP and they did that in what can be regarded one of the most amazing matches of the entire DPC so far. With just a couple of series left on the schedule, Spirit have to bring their A game in order to keep their third spot in the leaderboards and they definitely showed in the first game versus VP that they have what it takes to take down even the most dominant team. While VP were looking to win the battle with three beefy cores that didn’t rely on big cool downs to take fights, Team Spirit prepared and executed to perfection a spell amplification strategy to outplay their adversaries.

They lost the laning stage, but they were carefully protecting their carry Morphling and the mid lane Puck, who both went for Ethereal Blade item builds, while their third core, Bloodseeker rushed Veil of Discord. The spell amp. strategy also involved a Bloodstone on Puck and a support Rubick, which allowed Spirit to make a comeback past the 40 minute mark and win an insane game in which they almost never held the gold advantage nor did they have a minute with superior map control.

However, after the incredibly tense first match, Team Spirit seemed to have run out of steam and proceeded to lose the next two games as showed their true colors once again.

The other match-up of the day pitted Natus Vincere against Live to Win, recently signed by AS Monaco Gambit. The series marked Vladimir “No[o]ne” Minenko debut in the DPC, as he replaced Rostislav “fn” Lozovoi in the mid lane, but unfortunately for him, the first series with his new teammates wasn’t really successful. ASM.Gambit lost the first game to a fast pace tempo imposed by Viktor “GeneRaL” Nigrini on Beastmaster. However, they managed to even out the score in game two with strong team fight mechanics and an untouchable Wraith King coming from Kiyalbek “dream” Tayirov. But despite the strong performance, ASM. Gambit looked rather lost in the decisive match, where they had no answer to NAVI’s late game Phantom Lancer.

While Natus Vincere and can’t lose the ticket to the Singapore major, the battle for third place in the CIS league is still open and the last two weeks will decide the fate for Team Spirit, AS Monaco Gambit, EXTREMUM and Unique, all being tied with 2 wins and 3 losses thus far.  


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