Mario Kart Tour Holiday Event Starts Tomorrow

Mario Kart Tour is getting ready to celebrate the holiday season with its next event. Nintendo has announced that the aptly named Holiday Tour will begin on December 17 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. A teaser image showed off a couple of new outfits and karts, along with one possible hint of a brand-new racer.

In the teaser image from the official Twitter account, we can plainly see Yoshi with a red Rudolph nose and a Christmas sleigh kart, alongside Pauline sporting a shiny new dress in a New Years 2020 kart. Eagle-eyed fans have also noticed that in the distant background, just under Pauline’s arm, is the so-far unreleased character Birdo with the Turbo Birdo kart.

Mario Kart Tour had a very successful start according to Nintendo, and Apple says it’s 2019’s most downloaded iPhone game. It appears to be generating revenue as well, and Nintendo has implemented a similar subscription model to Mario Kart’s gold pass in another of its mobile games, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. It’s also been updating regularly with quality-of-life features, like the ability to swap steering modes mid-race.

Mario Kart Tour is a live game, offering a new set of races and challenges roughly every two weeks. It already had a Winter Tour in late November with a Santa Mario character and Christmas decorations, so this is actually the second holiday-themed tour.

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