Pokémon Detective Pikachu Movie Breakdown!

Who would have thought that, one day, we’d have a live-action Pokemon movie with a talking Pikachu. It’s a truly a weird and wild world we live in, and that day has arrived. Detective Pikachu brings one of gaming’s most iconic characters to the big screen as a quick-witted, coffee-loving, amnesiac investigator.

Voiced by Ryan Reynolds, Detective Pikachu sees everyone’s favorite electric mouse trying to figure out the story behind his memory loss and the fate of his human partner, Harry Goodman. To do this, he teams-up with Harry’s son, Tim Goodman, and an up-and-coming reporter named Lucy Stevens. Together the gang find themselves trying to get to the bottom of a mysterious drug that has appeared in Ryme City, and is causing peaceful Pokemon to act out. As you can imagine, there’s more going on in Ryme City than meets the eye, and the same can be said of what happened to Detective Pikachu and Harry Goodman.

Detective Pikachu brings monsters that fans have adored in video games and TV shows to life in a way that they’ve never been seen before. But is the movie any good? GameSpot’s resident Pokefans, Will Potter and Tamoor Hussain, have seen the film and in the video above provide their in-depth thoughts. Before watching this breakdown, make sure to see the film, as they will delve deep into spoilers.

If you’d like to read about what we thought, check out GameSpot’s Detective Pikachu movie review. Once you’ve seen the movie, you may want to get your very own Detective Pikachu pal, and you can in Pokemon Go. Developer Niantic is holding its own special Detective Pikachu event where, for a limited time, players will have a chance to capture monsters from the new film–including another Shiny Pokemon and Detective Pikachu.

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